Training Services

Whilst we can provide you with writing and editing services, it´s also important to ensure that companies provide training to their staff to ensure an organisation-wide culture of communicating clearly and effectively with customers.
Our communication courses have been delivered to thousands of professionals across the world with excellent feedback. We provide tailor-made training solutions based around your business that follow a detailed needs analysis of the typical correspondence and documents produced by your staff. Results are immediate as staff members can relate to the course content, putting the newly-taught skills into action.
From email and letter writing courses through to persuasive writing and presentation skills, we have a suite of courses that will cover the whole range of an organisation´s communication needs. We can arrange masterclasses of a few hours or longer full day courses, depending on your business needs. Examples of some of our most popular courses are listed below. If you don´t see what you are looking for, contact us and we will be very happy to help.

  • Essential email and letter writing skills for business
  • Persuasive writing techniques
  • Questioning and information gathering techniques
  • How to engage, hold and persuade a client during meetings or presentations
  • Using language to gain a competitive advantage in negotiations
  • Writing to express and not to impress: essential skills for plain language communications

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