Articles & Blogs

Online articles and blog posts form the backbone of many companies’ digital marketing strategies but it takes a real effort to keep a consistent flow of quality content. Comprehensible’s article and blog service provides companies with online content that is engaging and compelling as well as fitting the appropriate tone of voice for the company and audience. Of course it goes without saying that we always use plain, easily understood language.

Our team of writers has produced content for every conceivable company from insurers to hairdressers, travel companies to care homes. We are experienced with working from client briefs or collaborating with companies to devise and hone their content marketing strategy. In every case, before production starts we ensure we understand the clients’ objectives, target markets and key messages.

All our blog and article content is analysed by our plain language software to ensure it meets the appropriate plain language standard.

It you want to use plain language to deliver clear, unequivocal but compelling messages to your target market get in touch today.

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