Privacy Statements

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will impact all EU-based businesses and any businesses trading within the EU. It requires that all information relating to the processing of personal data is easily accessible, easy to understand and in plain language. We can help you.

We will ensure that your communications, and especially the privacy statements, are drafted in plain language, are jargon free and in an accessible format. We will use our specialist plain language software to analyse and provide an objective score for the text we produce. This includes average reading age, which is particularly important because the regulation specifically states that special consideration must be given where information is being provided to a child.

Using our specialist plain language software, we can also provide an independent audit of any existing privacy statements and provide you with a readability score and recommended edits.

But do not give it to a lawyer’s clerk to write, for they use a legal hand that Satan himself will not understand.