Insurance Questionnaires

Information is the lifeblood of the insurance industry. Therefore, the way that questions are asked at various stages of the customer journey is critical. It is important that questions are clear and specific. All questionnaires used during the customer journey, from disclosure through to claims, must be drafted in plain language with appropriate questions depending on the information requested.

Remember, an answer is only as good as the question and poor questioning can lead to an insurance company incurring unnecessary financial losses. This can be by not properly understanding and insuring the risk or paying out on claims that may otherwise have not been payable. We can help you.

We will work with you to design appropriate questionnaires for the specific target market or claims scenarios. We will advise on the appropriate style of questioning and the language used to ensure the questions are clear and specific. We can also provide an audit of your current questionnaires and processes.

To simplify complications is the first essential of success.

George Earle Buckle