Document Design Services

How companies write and design their consumer documents is very much at the heart of regulatory and law reforms sweeping across the European Union (EU), especially within the insurance and financial services sector.

This has been reinforced by the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) which is due to come into force across Europe in October 2018. Furthermore, all EU-based companies, and any companies trading within the EU, must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due to come into force across Europe in May 2018.

Both regulations put accessibility of information (document design) and plain language communication at the heart of the new legal and regulatory landscapes.

But it´s not just these new laws and regulations that require companies to ensure their documents are easily accessible and in plain language. Certain terms may be subject to a transparency test if there is a dispute and there is a risk that any disputed text may be interpreted against the insurer. At the disclosure stage, unlawful misrepresentations may become lawful representations if a consumer can show that questions were unclear and not specific enough (not in plain language).

Our team of highly-skilled professionals will work with you to ensure your documentation is compliant with regulatory and legal frameworks and written in plain language. Advice on document design will also be provided.

We can design and write documents from scratch or provide you with advice on editing current ones. We use specialist plain language software to analyse and provide an objective score for any text or document that we then use when editing to make them more readable.

Whilst we can help you with any type of document, we provide the following specialist services:

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